Gujarat Road Accident Victim Compensation Scheme 2021

Gujarat Road Accident Victim Compensation Scheme 2021 Vahan Akasmat Sahay Yojana application form Rs 50000 claim form, registration process. Gujarat Vahan Akasmat Yojana Every year thousands of people lose their life due to car accidents. Car accidents are fatal incidents in a city and they are becoming more frequent these days. Different departments of the government are taking steps to reduce fatal accidents. Strict traffic rules have been imposed in many cities to reduce the speed of the vehicles, still, accidents are very common in the city due to various reasons.

Gujarat Road Accident Victim Compensation Scheme 2021

According to Deputy Chief Minister of the State of Gujarat, Nitin Patel, an average of 29,309 road accidents takes place in Gujarat alone that kills over six thousand people every year. Every human life is precious. Many people don’t even reach hospitals in case of an accident due to their fear of higher hospital charges.

Keeping all this in view, the Government of Gujarat has launched Gujarat Road Accident Victim Compensation Scheme 2021. This scheme is 

an attempt to save the life of the victims in a road accident. Under this scheme, the state government will pay the hospital Rs. 50,000 for the treatment of the victim directly for forty-eight hours of treatment by the hospital.

Gujarat Vahan Akasmat Sahay Yojana 2021

The scheme is valid for both government hospitals as well as private hospitals. The state government has taken a huge step for the safety of residents in Gujarat and other states. The government of Gujarat have launched gracious schemes in this financial year. Schemes have been launched for the benefit and overall improvement of the community.

The best part about this scheme is that according to Government Resolution issued by the state’s Health and Family Welfare Department on May 17th, people who do not belong to Gujarat will also be treated under this scheme if they met with an accident in the state.

Gujarat Askasmat Sahay Yojana Apply 2021

The aim of the scheme is to help people who meet with fatal accidents in the state. This monetary help will be very beneficial for the patients as they do not have to pay for the first forty-eight hours.

With the help of this scheme, the victims of the accident site will be treated quickly and will help to save human life.

Features of the scheme

The state government will pay every road accident victim Rs. 50,000 as expenses for medical treatment for 48 hours from the accident.

The state government will pay the hospital after the submission of bills and documents.

Following treatments will be free- dressing of wounds, X-ray, blood transfusion, treatment in ICU, MRI, ECG and other treatments in the hospital.

In case, the hospital transfers the patients to another hospital, then both hospitals will be reimbursed a total of Rs.50,000 under the scheme.

The aim of this scheme is to provide better and fast treatment to the victims of road accident and to save human life.

This scheme is also known as Vahan Akasmat Sahay Yojana.

The purpose of this scheme is to provide better, quick and immediate medical assistance to the victims of the road accident.

With the help of this scheme, victims of road accident can be admitted to any nearby healthcare without caring about the medical expenses.

The operators of Ambulance are also directed to shift the patient to the best nearby hospital for the treatment of the patient.

All the hospitals will be given guidelines about the new scheme and cooperation from all health centres will be appreciated.

Private hospitals cannot charge the patient more than Rs 50,000 for the first 48 hours as they will get the reimbursement amount from the government.

Gujarat Road Accident Victim Compensation Claim Form 2021

Treatment covered under the scheme

The state government has listed the name of the treatments that will be covered under this scheme. These are as follows-

Injury dressing


Fracture stabilization

Trauma treatment


Head injury operation

Intimate treatment unit (ICU)

Abdominal injuries

Gum injuries

What will not be paid by patient under the Gujarat Vahan Akasmat Sahay scheme?

Under the scheme, the patient can be taken to one of the following health care- Private hospitals, Government hospitals, District Hospitals, medical college hospitals or any other recognized healthcare centre.

The victims of the accident are not liable to pay any amount. Hospitals cannot charge patients for the treatment for the first 48 hours.

If the patient is admitted to a private hospital, then the said hospital will submit the medical bills of the patient to the Chief District Medical Officer or the Medical Superintendent of the concerned District.

The private hospitals will be entitled to receive Rs.50,000.

Gujarat Accident Compensation scheme Benefits

There are many benefits of the Gujarat Road Accident Victim Compensation Scheme 2021, the following are the benefits of the scheme-

The scheme is for the permanent residents of the Gujarat state or any other person from the outside state who met with an accident in the state.

The scheme will help in covering for the patient for first 48 hours from the accident.

The healthcare centres where the patient is admitted will have to submit the bills to the Chief Medical Officer of the district in order to get the reimbursement.

The patients will be treated in Gujarat regardless of their income, this is beneficial for the people who do not have cash on the spot.

Many people who lack monetary assistance will be benefitted from this scheme.

The intention of the state government is to provide better quality services to the residents of the state.

This scheme will help to change the perception of people who are victims of road accidents. Usually, people don’t go to good hospitals as they believe it is very expensive and settle for hospitals with bad treatment. With the help of this scheme, this intention of people will be changed, now they can go to private hospitals or general hospitals to get better treatment.

Gujarat Vehicle Accident Compensation scheme

When a patient reaches a hospital, they are asked to pay for the treatment first, in some cases the patients are unable to afford expensive treatment, so they do not get good treatment and hence they expire. Ethically, this is wrong. The state government saw the changing scenario and realised the importance of this scheme. Through this scheme, the fear of not having financial aid will be removed. Private hospitals are instructed to submit the bill to the designated official under the scheme. This way the hospitals will not hold the patients responsible for the bill settlements for the first 48 hours. This initiative by Gujarat Government will be helpful for many road accident victims.

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Official Portal Click here

This good decision by Gujarat Government will go a long way. The official portal to apply for the scheme has not been released yet. The scheme has just been announced and the registration forms will be out soon. To get more information on this scheme by the Government of Gujarat visit the official portal of the state government.

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